Unofficial Rockbox builds

I am using the Rockbox software on my Cowon iAudio X5L player for several years and now on Sansa Clip+ as well with great pleasure. During this time I occasionally tried to improve it's functionality in some aspects to make it yet better fitting to my needs. The results of these activities are represented here.

See the project homepage for official Rockbox releases, accompanying documentation and other useful resources related to this excellent software, but here you can find only my apocryphal builds, information about the applied patches and some additional stuff.

Rockbox builds

These builds are based on the master branch of the Rockbox development source with a bunch of fixes and enhancements implemented. All fonts and English voice generated by Mbrola speech synthesizer are included. Being downloaded and properly installed on a device all this should work just out of the box. In addition, auto-generated Russian voice is provided for each build as a separate archive. Simply unpack it alongside the respective Rockbox build if you need.

The version number actually represents build date in the format "YYMMDD", so master changes history can be easily tracked here.

Choose an appropriate build for your architecture:

Cowon iAudio X5

Cowon D2

Sansa E200

Sansa Fuze

Sansa Fuze v2

Sansa Clip+

Sansa Clip Zip

iRiver H320/H340

Since personally I use Sansa Clip+ and Cowon iAudio X5, all fixes and additions are tested by me only on these architectures. Other builds were created for my friends who like these improvements and asked me to do that.

Additional goodies

Alternative bootloader for Cowon iAudio X5

Since the official Rockbox bootloader for Cowon iAudio X5 player overrides the original firmware, I prefer the alternative one that allows to keep Rockbox along with the original firmware. See the README file included into the archive for details.

Playing midi-files

Although Rockbox natively supports a bunch of sound file formats, but if you want it to be able to play midi-files as well, grab this archive and unpack it in the .rockbox folder on your player after Rockbox installation. It should be enough.

Creating voice thumbnails

The voicebox shell script is designed to make voice thumbnails for file names and FM radio presets on a Linux machine. It makes use of the rbspeak shell script for actual speech synthesis. This script in turn uses Mbrola speech synthesizer for producing English speech and Ru_tts engine for Russian. See embedded comments for more details. To compress produced sound the rbspeexenc program is used that was generated from the Rockbox sources.

On Debian and Ubuntu all necessary speech synthesizers can be installed from my repository by command:

sudo aptitude install mbrola mbrola-en1 freephone enlex ru-tts rulex

An extra advantage of this tool is that it uses different voice pitch for different objects, thus, folders and files of various types are distinguishable simply by voice.

Talking FM radio presets

The FM radio presets pack for Moscow and Sankt-Peterburg along with voice thumbnails is available here. This archive should be unpacked in the .rockbox directory on the device where Rockbox is installed.

Recorder presets

In order to simplify switching from one source to another in recorder I've created basic presets for each one:

To make use of these presets grab the archive and unpack it into /.rockbox folder on the device.

Feel free to e-mail me with all related questions and suggestions.

Igor B. Poretsky

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